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We are committed to our growing relationships with all our clients, and have a long history of consistently high quality products and services!

Here are some words of thanks from our community.

Great spot! Iโ€™m especially impressed by the fair prices here. Other sellers like Whole Foods will mark up by $10 to what you can find online but this place was the same as online
Michelle Avatar
my fav herbal supplement store!
Ray Abdullah Avatar
Ray Abdullah
My fave place especially for CRYSTALS ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ’Ž๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿฆ‹๐ŸŒฌ ๐ŸŽ๐ŸƒLike me
Cristal Rodriguez (FashnMe) Avatar
Cristal Rodriguez (FashnMe)
Excellent customer service, and crazy selection of products. No store quite like this one
Nathan Rodriguez Avatar
Nathan Rodriguez
I would trust Bob Dagger with my life.
Angelika Zelko Avatar
Angelika Zelko
I first started visiting High Vibe in 2013 and have always been enraptured by their incredibly unique selection of raw vegan foods and supplements. I didnโ€™t think I could love High Vibe even more until these past two weeks when I was in the city on a clear mission to find the most beautiful crystal as a gift for my friend. Dagger - the owner - was and is the definition of a true rockstar who cares about his customers because he sent me photos and videos of his most latest selection of crystals. And lo and behold, there was THE crystal I had been looking for. NYC is so lucky to have this gem of a shop. Bob Dagger sets the standard of what real customer service is and Gaye who is the lovely woman behind the counter - adds so much charm and warmth to this true and rare gem of a place. And I agree with another reviewer here - where is the 10 star rating option?!!๐ŸŒŸ
Wellah Farzan Avatar
Wellah Farzan
This spot is the bomb! They have so many options for literally anything you can imagine and the owners are super knowledgeable. Way fresher than buying from amazon or whatever other site. Also they have amazing prices!! Highly recommend ๐Ÿ™‚
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Izzy Avatar
5 star ratingLove this place!!! Cant wait to go back to explore more of their products. Owner is so kind and insightful.
Ciara F. Avatar
Ciara F.
This spot is the bomb! They have so many options for literally anything you can imagine and the owners are super knowledgeable. Way fresher than buying from amazon or whatever other site. Also they have amazing prices!! Highly recommend ๐Ÿ™‚
Izzy Cat Avatar
Izzy Cat
A cute health food store with lots of raw vegan options, teas and herbs. Great service. Will def return.
Terri Ellis Avatar
Terri Ellis
Bob knows his stuff! Super friendly and informative. So many gems I could buy the whole store! Knew how to multitask in between clients which is hard to do! Great energy in the store and great products. Whereโ€™s the 10 star option? ๐Ÿคฃ
Rae V Avatar
Rae V
Beautifully curated supplements, food and other healthy lifestyle products, amazing funny owner and everything I could need to improve my well-being and vibe.
sage Avatar
Good vibes
Carmelo Adorno Avatar
Carmelo Adorno
Great place, great products and great for the neighborhood! Always accommodating and helpful to my questions and needs.
luke mathews Avatar
luke mathews
A true gem. Anything you think you canโ€™t find in a store and think you might have to resort to Amazon to buy you can probably get here. Itโ€™s truly amazing how many great products fit in this place. Staff is extremely Knowledgeable, helpful and kind. Yummy snacks and powerful crystals to boot. Oh and itโ€™s a locally owned store. What else do you want? I hope they stay in business for as long as they want.
Daniela Monous Avatar
Daniela Monous
A true gem. Anything you think you canโ€™t find in a store and think you might have to resort to Amazon to buy you can probably get here. Itโ€™s truly amazing how many great products fit in this place. Staff is extremely
Knowledgeable, helpful and kind. Yummy snacks and powerful crystals to boot. Oh and itโ€™s a locally owned store. What else do you want? I hope they stay in business for as long as they want.
Daniela Monous Avatar
Daniela Monous
The name says it all... The energy in this cozy shop is contagious the people make you feel like you are home you can literally find your mind, body, and spirit here. They also have great prices on everything.. They have the best crystals ๐Ÿ™‚
Nikole Gomez Avatar
Nikole Gomez
A true gem. Anything you think you canโ€™t find in a store and think you might have to resort to Amazon to buy you can probably get here. Itโ€™s truly amazing how many great products fit in this place. Staff is extremely
Knowledgeable, helpful and kind. Yummy snacks and powerful crystals to boot. Oh and itโ€™s a locally owned store. What else do you want? I hope they stay in business for as long as they want.
Daniela Monous Avatar
Daniela Monous
5 star ratingThis is such a cute store. Really great variety of fun stuff, much of it vegan. I got some dark chocolate here and was very pleased. I will definitely return soon.
Stephanie D. Avatar
Stephanie D.
Love this shop and their staff. Gaye is fantastic and so helpful.
Phil Clarke Avatar
Phil Clarke
This is a truly wonderful and helpful store offering all things healing, restorative and educational. Their prices are the same as Amazon so it's a no brainer. Not only will you support a local business but you'll be stepping into somewhere that's been around since the 1990s with incredibly informed staff. These people really know what they're talking about. They've been in the industry for 30+ years, have formulated their own products, and consulted on some of the top wellness products that have shaped the field as it is today. My partner and I have come in with various ailments and without fail they have truly helped us. They are never pushy or trying to sell you on something. Always straightforward, well-considered advice and top selection of the best products out there that in our experience WORK!!
J D Avatar
This place is a New York treasure!! The most wonderful local gem!! An absolute haven for high consciousness, health and healing. If you're looking for powerful medicinal herbs, supplements and foods this is the place to go. Bob Dagger and Gaye know what they're talking about and are resources for us all. Your visit will be life changing. Do yourself a favor and go here now. To learn. To heal. To raise your vibes!
anonymous vegan Avatar
anonymous vegan
Great store, been shopping here for years! Knowledgeable friendly staff, great products, helpful recommendations, have never been dissapointed. Aside from pharmaceutical grade supplements, they have a tremendous array of herbs and spices, specialty food items as well as a beautiful selection of crystals, jewelry candles, raw chocolate and other gift items as well as some of the best hair and body care products and essential oils. Top notch, you can't go wrong here! Their prices are often better than similar stores. ๐Ÿ‘
Sheila Zane Avatar
Sheila Zane
Iโ€™ve been coming to this store for years and I must say it is my favorite store. I love frequenting this local store so much, great staff and products, it truly is a High Vibe spot. Thank You for serving the community, a true gem You are.
Stella Nihil Avatar
Stella Nihil
This store has the best energy. Great selection of supplements, soaps m, crystals, sage, cough drops and everything in between.
Emma Taylor Avatar
Emma Taylor
High Vibe is amazing! A true gem. I am so happy to have discovered them on my way to my infrared sauna appointment. They offer personalized service, are incredibly knowledgeable about the products they sell and have remained independent for many years, and I will give my money to an outstanding local and independent business any day over the behemoths of the internet world where you don't receive any personal attention whatsoever. Do yourself and your health a favor and pay them a visit! A+++
Garrin Evan Avatar
Garrin Evan
5 star ratingHigh Vibe is amazing! A true gem. I am so happy to have discovered them on my way to my infrared sauna appointment. They offer personalized service, are incredibly knowledgeable about the products they sell and have remained independent for many years, and I will give my money to an outstanding local and independent business any day over the behemoths of the internet world where you don't receive any personal attention whatsoever. Do yourself and your health a favor and pay them a visit! A+++
Garrin E. Avatar
Garrin E.
5 star ratingHigh Vibe is a real treasure of a boutique vegan superfood store. The staff is always helpful, and the selection of food is remarkably well curated. Lots of amazing items like cashew pumpkin pie, vegan cheese, amazing snacks that you won't find anywhere else. They also have supplements, CBD, crystals, etc. Highly recommended, thanks High Vibes!
Ari R. Avatar
Ari R.
I have been taking โ€œhigh vibe shineโ€ vitamins for a year and I never leave reviews however, I must with these. I have seen growth in my hair and nails and my skin looks great. My hair stylist said she sees significant growth. This is a great company, the owner is always so very helpful and so sweet. I HIGHLY recommend this this store.
MaryAnn Bruccoleri Avatar
MaryAnn Bruccoleri
Love this shop. Amazing products. Staff is helpful and pleasant
Helen Bala Avatar
Helen Bala
5 star ratingThis review is about seven years overdue, but I am so happy that high vibe is still here and thriving, I think they've been around since the 90s, they were ahead of the curve for the east coast. They shepherded me through a hard first winter in the city (coming from a warmer, more 'juicing' climate...... ok southern california) and I still love to make it in as often as I can. Dagger (usually has a guitar), Gay (rehydrated strawberry fairy) and ughhh I forget his name if hes still there but anyway, everyone here is a delight and has good suggestions. Get in there and find some food, supplements and body care you didn't know you needed, they deserve everything and you deserve them!
Soraya K. Avatar
Soraya K.
I love this store! The staff are just so nice and knowledgeable and they have a great selection of products. Will always happily support them. A trip to this spot is always worth it.
Cassidy Kipp Avatar
Cassidy Kipp
Nice people, great selection of raw, vegan foods and supplements.
Jacob โ€œTruth above allโ€ Vainer Avatar
Jacob โ€œTruth above allโ€ Vainer
Love it here!
Dianne Pannullo Avatar
Dianne Pannullo
Plants accessories
Carlos Kassim Avatar
Carlos Kassim
Best shop ever. I've been coming here for almost 10 years. Great products, great people, great prices and GREAT VIBES!
Shain Williams Avatar
Shain Williams
Friendly and knowledgeable owners, great legit natural products! High Vibe has good LES vibes.
Shodie Lyon Avatar
Shodie Lyon
5 star ratingGreat local shop for hard-to-find health food items. Friendly, trustworthy advice. Local institution for the health-conscious.
David K. Avatar
David K.
5 star ratingI love High Vibe...if you want to feel good, stop wringing your hands over Amazon's labor practices and gentrification and buy some Kava tincture at local businesses like this one. Dagger, you're the best. I love coming in for Spirulina, shrooms, booch, and the like. Intentionally stocked, and staffed with kind humans, out for healing. The owner has personal relationships with his suppliers and farmers. High Vibe reminds me of stores back in New Mexico.
Elizabeth C. Avatar
Elizabeth C.
5 star ratingBecause of all the Yelp reviews, I couldn't help but take a field trip down to East Village from West Harlem and see what all the buzz is about.

On a serious note, I suffer from anxiety, BP amongst other things and Dagger was so great about recommending some natural remedies as well as Erica who answered all the questions I had.

Felt like home and I didn't want to leave. I can't wait to go back soon.

Enjoyed Dagger's tunes as well
Nohemi R. Avatar
Nohemi R.
5 star rating"An Amazing Oasis for Healthy Living"

I admit, I was sceptical at first. HIGH VIBE looks like a tiny store. This establishment is neatly and efficient stacked with healthy snacks, vitamins, a wide range of products. And the staff are knowledgeable AND happy to help. A true & welcome find
Michael G. Avatar
Michael G.
5 star ratingSuper helpful staff. They were every patient and knowledgable. Would come back and would recommend to a friend.
Brenda L. Avatar
Brenda L.
5 star ratingI love this shop so much. It really does have a beautiful "vibration" around it. Every time I walk by I have to go in and when I go in I want to literally buy everything. I'm always thinking "I should really go pick that up from high vibe" . There selection of gemstones is one of my favorite parts , a lot of stores sell gems but the ones here are very special and many have called to me to want to own, the prices are pretty great too for the area. I recently bought a bottle of CBD oil at a DIFFERENT store and was taken for a ride in the potency / price of it but at high vibe there knowledgeable and transparent about their products I can't wait to go back and get CBD from them for my anxiety. This little cute amethyst is mine today along with selenite wand and pyrite I got another trip. Very greatful for high vibe !!!!
Stephanie A. Avatar
Stephanie A.
Dagger and Gay are very knowledgeable about every product that they carry. I lucked up in meeting them and being introduced to the line of cabs products from Endoca. I will continue to support the business. Adrienne
adrienne smalls Avatar
adrienne smalls
The best organic spots in the city they have great herbs , vegetables,vitamins and More it was a very Healthy Shopping Experience๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โญโญโญโญโญโญโญโญโญ๐Ÿ˜
nicole raverta Avatar
nicole raverta
.A classic place and a rare find. Great coffee.
Joshua Nunberg Avatar
Joshua Nunberg
Unique and plentiful selection of what you want and what you didnโ€™t know you wanted. Staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. Love this place.
Stephanie V Avatar
Stephanie V
The highest quality raw vegan food, supplements, essential oils and other great products. Super friendly staff. ๐Ÿ‘
Ethan Sisser Avatar
Ethan Sisser
5 star ratingA hidden jem in the East village. A really great selection of raw food snacks, supplements, and too many other things to list here. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. You can also shop online if you can't come in person.
Jay V. Avatar
Jay V.
5 star ratingThis place has been around since i started learning about feeling good and feeling better! Dagger knows his business and carries the items that can help people out. His staff is super friendly and helpful! In the modest space it holds everything from A-Z that you may need. The name High Vibe speaks for itself! They also carry the items needed for Jubb's 14- day Liver Gallbladder flush! They have top quality cold-pressed organic olive oil made in small batches. They even support local music! If you can't make it in, visit their website- they offer fast shipping! Feel even better!!!!
Kat N. Avatar
Kat N.
5 star ratingBobby and High Vibe are just the best, I come into the East Village from Brooklyn specifically to shop here. They have products that I have never found anywhere else, and I'm more than happy to give my business to a locally owned, small shop such as this one. Cannot possibly give a higher rec that you check out High Vibe (and there's a great art book store, Karma, just next door).
R F. Avatar
R F.
5 star rating"As raw as you wanna be" is their slogan, and I must admit, having been vegan 17 years HighVibe gives me a little hope for the survival of the human race.

I've known Bob Dagger, the co-owner and health guru, for longer than that. Before he ever opened this store, he gave an interview in a local free paper in which he stated his goal was "world domination...I mean that."

HighVibe carries the best of the best foods, supplements, and other products. Dagger's a renaissance man: a musician, metalsmith, and makes custom guitars. Even though nowadays everyone is selling CBD products, I came here to find out the best method of taking CBD and what they had to offer. (I got a vape pen, because that's the surest delivery system.) I regularly come here for supplements, as well; prices are competitive and quality is superb.

Yes, the strawberries his partner readily gives out are a sweet reminder of the goodness of this store, and they stock the best of everything: Cheezehoundโ„ข non-dairy cheeses, divine dairy-free chocolates, and Rocking Raw prepared foods are just a few of the items I come here for.

I feel blessed to have this oasis of health so close to where I live.
Fallopia T. Avatar
Fallopia T.
5 star ratingSuch a knowledgeable owner. I felt really comfortable coming in here and asking for advice and knowledge about different holistic supplements.

It's a small store but filled with so much!

Any vitamins I purchase - will be purchased here. I really enjoy supporting a small business. Such a gem in the area.
Alexia G. Avatar
Alexia G.
5 star ratingHigh Vibe is an oasis of health and wellness in what is left of the East Village.I get amazing deals on crystals,and CBD ,and supplements.Dagger and his staff are so very informative and helpful,that it is a joy shopping there!
Angel E. Avatar
Angel E.
5 star ratingSmall, quirky East Village place. Nice owners (married couple). They're able to give excellent advice. They have actual local, quality ingredients. I buy Brooklyn Natto from there. Keep up the quality products and service guys!
Alokananda B. Avatar
Alokananda B.
5 star ratingGreat place, with affordable health foods, suppliments, and skin! Very friendly, and knowledgable sales people.
M D. Avatar
M D.
5 star ratingGreat store. Came here to check out some CBD oil & the lady at the front desk was very chill & informative, even offered everybody in the store dried strawberries! Will definitely be coming back for my next CBD purchase from Encola!
Iulian G. Avatar
Iulian G.
A quaint store with superb products and a warm feel. Gay was a pleasure offering me a strawberry variety I'd never tasted before but was delicious! I'll definitely return.
Iris Grattan Avatar
Iris Grattan
They have almost everything here, and if they don't have it they will do what they can to get it for you, also they are very knowledgeable about the products, and very very very very very NICE!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Wyndell Dickinson Avatar
Wyndell Dickinson
Luv this Natural store! So many great finds.
R Augusty Avatar
R Augusty
Great intelligent woman is helpful
zululemoko Avatar
High end high quality health food store.
Rich DeJesus Avatar
Rich DeJesus
Some of the kindest staff I have come across, lovely store and great products
Thomas Lloyd Avatar
Thomas Lloyd
A quaint store with superb products and a warm feel. Gay was a pleasure offering me a strawberry variety I'd never tasted before but was delicious! I'll definitely return.
Iris Grattan Avatar
Iris Grattan
My favorite go to for true raw in the NYC food world
Vanessa Barg Avatar
Vanessa Barg
Love shopping here- great selection.
Jason Hackett Avatar
Jason Hackett
5 star ratingDo you need adaptogens, colloidal silver, heritage South American peanuts or the worlds tastiest organic dried blueberries? Look no further.

This store has been around for at least 20 years (previously on St Marks), and provides what the owner likes to describe as "good foods" to anyone able to purchase them. Their mindset is that good is magic, and consuming natures most nutrient and mineral dense foods are what keep you in good health. Other stores may call some of the products naturopathic or homeopathic, this simply isn't their outlook but they do have those kinds of things.

The staff is fantastic, will answer any questions you may have, will kindly have a chat with you, and will remember your name. Most people who come here are greeted by name and addicted to the place! They have a wide range of products despite the small size of the store and unique things you may have trouble finding anywhere else. Beware, it's not for the budget constrained but it's a lovely store and I can't wait to go back.
Annabelle V. Avatar
Annabelle V.
5 star ratingThis great little store and it's dedicated employees have done so much for me. For three years I've been dealing with IBS and Leaky Gut Syndrome, and have gone to several doctors and specialists but none have done a fraction as much as the workers at High Vibe.
The woman behind the counter (I feel bad I don't know her name) answered all my questions as best she could and even researched exactly which supplements would help my stomach. She did not pick the most expensive vitamins or try to rush me out as fast as possible. She thoughtfully suggested the right supplements to take and they WORK! It's only been a couple of weeks and I feel better with each day.
I've been to a dozen other health stores and the employees didn't know and didn't care about not knowing which supplements would help their customers.
So if you're looking for a dedicated and extremely helpful health and vitamin store, go no further. High Vibe's got you covered.
Jake E. Avatar
Jake E.
5 star ratingGreat longtime local shop. Great ownership with history in the neighborhood. Kind employees.
Quality healthy and unique products that are hard to find in other places. And those handmade guitars being sold by the owner in the window now look gorgeous. I hope to play one one day.
Joey B. Avatar
Joey B.
Sasha Velvet Avatar
Sasha Velvet
5 star ratingAmazing variety of products! All raw and super healthy. The staff was also super caring.
Daniella G. Avatar
Daniella G.
5 star ratingVisited High Vibe for the first time this week and it was amazing!! We are so lucky to have a place like this in the city. I bought the garlic hummus and it was to die for. While in the store the staff were really friendly and helpful. The lady behind the cashier gave us testers of their strawberries which were amazing. Will definitely come back!
Leah S. Avatar
Leah S.
1 star ratingHi
I recently visited the store and I must say that the customer service that I received was horrible. I drove 3 hours from PA because of the large supply of raw vegan foods that high vibe has to offers and the cashier was very rude with a nasty attitude even after spending over 100 dollars I will never go back or buy from the website thanks to that experience.
Jane B. Avatar
Jane B.
5 star rating- summary: cute store with organic raw vegan and healing hard to find specialty items. Will definitely return

- staff: super Friendly and knowledgeable... Was handing out free samples of free strawberry gummy deliciousness

-items: bought delicious raw raspberry chocolate and a charcoal mineral deodorant which I haven't seen anywhere else.

-pricepoint: a bit pricey but adds character to the neighborhood and I'm happy to support a local business
Amber R. Avatar
Amber R.
5 star ratingholy crap. put your shoes on right now and GO TO THIS SHOP. i bought three really incredible new treats here today.

1. Gopal's Japanese Power Wraps (DE-LICIOUS!)

2. Spinach Jalapeno Delicious Creamy Garlic dip by Majestic Garlic (It's knocking my socks off as i type)
3. Audrey's Pleasure "The Original Royal Cheez Veggie Bar"' (They melt in your mouth and it's hard not to eat the whole package on the way home).

I asked the lady working there and she recommended all three...she's a food genius!

and the owner is very kind and cool.

everything is vegan and raw...and not cheap, but i know it's good so i will be back.

feels like a boutique health store in upstate, but lucky me I'm just two avenue blocks away.


i have been in a Commodities rut for years. this place will break me of that habit...i
Ruby F. Avatar
Ruby F.
4 star ratingI'm so happy to have chanced upon this quaint shop on my way to dinner. Since I've been getting into essential oils/aromatherapy, you can't imagine my excitement when I saw that they carry Young Living oils! One staff told me that if they didn't offer a particular oil in-store, they could do a custom order for you. This seems really convenient since I don't have a subscription to YL's service. I also love how they offer a variety of products that you won't necessarily find at whole foods, like Majestic Garlic (which I've only seen here and @Dimes market). I'll admit that the retail price is a bit on the higher end, but health is wealth right? I'd also love to support a local business and will definitely be paying another visit !
Aggie H. Avatar
Aggie H.
This is a wonderful and super inviting little store full of all sorts of delicious and healthy items. The sprouted hummus is amazing and they sell pure fresh/frozen spirulina to save us all the misery of the powders. All the dehydrated fruits are phenomenal and the people who work there are so helpful and knowledgable. Can't wait to go back every time.
Jen Fraenkel Avatar
Jen Fraenkel
3 star ratingA little overpriced, but they have some really cool stuff here that is hard to find elsewhere!
Samantha S. Avatar
Samantha S.
5 star ratingI really like this store, large variety and stock for a small place and very helpful service. I came here looking for, Mucuna Powder which I couldn't find at Wholefoods or other health stores. They had it and more. I told the sales woman about my skin/hair dryness and she recommended a product they make called, Shine. These 2 powders are now part of my daily routine and have helped me a lot. I will keep coming here and try new things.
Leilani S. Avatar
Leilani S.
5 star ratingThis place is rad. They carry tons of amazing raw foods, herbs, dried fruits, body care products, books, etc. The people working there are always super friendly and helpful (and they always have amazing samples behind the desk). Definitely worth a visit if you're health-minded ๐Ÿ™‚
Kate T. Avatar
Kate T.
3 star ratingTheir d3 5000iu works. I had blood work done and my D3 level is 45.3 . I am mostly vegan, once in a while I will eat yogurt. I don't eat eggs and I cannot have any dairy. So the D3 I bought from them actually works. I have been taking this D3 since February this year. I took it daily until recently. They are pricey because of the K1 or K2. I am happy to know I haven't been wasting my money.
Sol M. Avatar
Sol M.
3 star ratingI like this place but am frequently disappointed by the quality of customer service. In my experience the staff has come off as uninterested and not particularly knowledgable about the products. Example: I called to ask if they carried a specific brand of sunscreen and was told that they did. I proceeded to arrive 20 minutes later and was told they didn't have it.

Me: But I literally just called here and you said you had it
Guy: Oh that wasn't me some guy just left.

Kelly L. Avatar
Kelly L.
5 star ratingGreat resource for those so inclined, with a wide selection including Tree Nut Cheese and some other esoteric items.
George C. Avatar
George C.
5 star ratingThis place is just lovely. I stopped in here after work yesterday and picked up some dried mango slices, some sprouted hummus and a vanilla bean health bar to start with. The two guys working there were very lovely and welcoming, offering me a taste of what they had open behind the desk. In this case it was dehydrated strawberries steeped first in fruit juice which was out of this world. My mango slices were also perfectly delicious and will be a great office snack or dessert. The spouted hummus was also excellent and I know my hummus. It's less rich and creamy than some traditionally cooked hummus but lighter on the stomach and very delicious. They have a lot of books that I could have lost myself in for hours... But I'll save that for he next time since I will most certainly be back soon. If you're reading his, thank you!!
Jennifer F. Avatar
Jennifer F.
5 star ratingAbsolutely essential store. Lots of great casual advice on healthy living given in a warm extended family type atmosphere. I've been going for years and it never disappoints!
Ben S. Avatar
Ben S.
4 star ratingA small health and herbal market in LES. In hopes for scented potpourri, disappointingly, High Vibe do not have. However, they have sage and incense which emits strong acrid odors but are not lightly fragrant as potpourri. They carry thyme and many herbs, physical and mental health books on how to live happier and a fuller life. I did not see any lavender though as it symbolizes protection. However, my main visit as I highly desired fragrance oil diffuser with sticks as a natural means of freshening my home bathroom.

Despite of not carrying my two coveted items, nevertheless, High Vibe does emit a high vibe of good service, personal, attentive, and friendly of all things resonate small business. A two person staff who are knowledgeable and not abrasive to be pushy sales people unlike large retail shops. Their business cards also serve as a bookmark.
Tina C. Avatar
Tina C.
4 star ratingYou can find food, supplements, books, juicers, cleanses, and other health products. Plus the staff is friendly, knowledgable and helpful without being pushy.
A T. Avatar
A T.
5 star ratingFantastic owner. So helpful and great energy here. Come here for yummy snacks with your raw food lifestyle.
Nastasha S. Avatar
Nastasha S.
5 star ratingThe oldest raw food store in the county! Storefront since 1995 - serving the raw food community since 1993! We love the truly amazing Bob Dagger and his staff - I've been a customer since 1998. I lived overseas and you've heard me say it "HIGH VIBE was the first place I visited once I got off the plane!" Hubby and me used to run a raw food support group in Sydney, Australia - I would load a suitcase full of goodies and books from HIGH VIBE that I could never get my hands on! Hallelujah! Listen to me folks - there is no place better in the NYC with more attentive, knowledgeable staff to assist you on your raw food journey! An Oasis!
Gay C. Avatar
Gay C.
5 star ratingThe guy with the tattoo was super friendly. Offered me the dried fruit - obsessed with the raw organic strawberry. I also bought the guava. Coming back for more things...
Ro R. Avatar
Ro R.
5 star ratingI never give reviews on anything but this place really inspired me to leave one! THIS IS MY FAVORITE PLACE ABOVE LIVE LIVE & ORGANIC. Soooo much more affordable! People on the raw diet know that even though it may balance out other expenses, the food can be pricey. This place has the most beautiful vibe hence the name and I have become a regular. From the first time I walked in there I was completely hooked. Love love love love loooove this place! The owner and I chatted for a minute and I explained how much I appreciated his place because of the pricing! He explained that it was part of his mission to help provide these raw treats to us in a much more affordable way then what we're used to running into. Honestly this place is great you won't be let down. Thank you High Vibe! Namaste xxxx
Olivia M. Avatar
Olivia M.
5 star ratingIf you live live in NYC - if you're a RAW foodie - this is the place for you. It's not a big store, but in NYC style, it's packed full - so take your time and look around. From delectable raw food treats, to hard-to-find supplements, to basic ingredients to make your own raw food, smoothies, and treats, High Vibe is The SOURCE. The best raw powdered cacao anywhere, the best sun-dried tomatoes, apples, strawberries, gojis, the freshest nuts and seeds - the food here is a step above. And don't forget to look in the freezer for raw ice cream, coconut meat, and delicious coconut water. The best staff anywhere, helpful, knowledgable, kind. A day without High Vibe just doesn't feel right. Thanks again High Vibe!

This store is truly a gift. I've been raw since 1986 and having High Vibe in the East Village makes it so much easier, and tastier. Finally!
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Lauren E.
5 star ratingAgain, found this place on Yelp. Have I mentioned how FREAKING useful this site is? There was the most adorable dog wandering about the premises and I was given a bunch of samples to try before I bought some gorgeous raw chocolate biscuits (half price!)
If I lived in NYC I would be here every day. As it is, I will come every time I visit ๐Ÿ˜€
Hehe. Also met the owner who was so pleased that I was using Yelp - we had some small-business-managering bonding and then I told him he was doing a great job! lol
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Sunny K.
5 star ratingHOLY CRAP - new favorite place. It's taken me a long time to go here but I'm glad I finally decided to stop in.

Cheapest kelp noodles in town (so far) - Live Live they're like $10, Organic Avenue $7, but at High Vibe...$6. Magical. I personally love this place because it has lots of hard to find things at reasonable prices.

Bee pollen? They have 3 sizes. Coconut meat (frozen)? They have that. Kelp noodles and seaweed, check. Lots of other raw desserts and goodies, honey, crackers, you name it. Also, super friendly staff - the woman working there was so so nice and offered me a bunch of samples without trying to sell me too hard on anything (though I did end up buying this AMAZING delicious garlic dip she had me try).

I wouldn't really call this a grocery store, more just like a specialty health food store. It's definitely going to be my new go-to resource for hard to find stuff, and also a fun place to try new things! I could have spent hours in there looking around. I'm definitely making myself a regular here.
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Anna L.
5 star ratingI came here about an hour ago to pick up some groceries as I give my new raw vegan diet a spin. The proprietress was incredibly friendly and helpful, offering me samples of products, and giving me suggestions. Her cute black dog (lab mix?) was also really friendly, and I definitely got quite a nice vibe from being in the shop, as the namesake would suggest.

Prices are pretty decent, though raw vegan foods tend to be pricier than their non-raw counterparts. Nevertheless, I got a couple of raw vegan cereal items that for under $10 each. Not too shabby. There's also one section of the store devoted to "cookbooks" and the raw vegan lifestyle.

Would definitely recommend anybody who is starting on a raw vegan diet to swing by here.
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Cinthia K.
5 star ratingDefinitely a high vibe here,,therefore the name. The staff is superb and their selection of products is top notch. If you need to save your life or something with a good cleansing book or something similar, this is the place. Thank you High Vibe, high fives for high vibe mammmma.
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Leonidas L.
5 star ratingBy far one of the best places in the city with out a doubt!!! And the service is always great!!! They have products that no one in the city has like the raw pizza crust.
I love this place
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Carlos S.
5 star ratingWow! Can't believe I'm the first to review these guys. Been a customer for some years now and have always loved the knowledgeable staff. Very good vibe in the shop. They are pet friendly and carry a lot of hard-to-find supplements and hand-crafted health foods. They also carry a lot of cool books on food and healthcare. Love this place to death.
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Iqbal H.