Dagger thanks so much for your parasite cleanse product: The parasite eliminator I’m spending lots of time in China, India, and Sri Lanka. Where I’m often staying out in villages and eating the local food. Sanitation can be very bad and there are numerous instances where I’ve picked up dysentery. I didn’t know how to treat it the first time it happened and I was deathly sick. It took me weeks to recover. A friend of mine told me about The High Vibe Parasite Eliminator, so I stopped by to pick up a bag. I’m still exposed to Amoebas in my travels. My intestines begin to churn and the diarrhea and other symptoms begin. I then take the Parasite Eliminator and that stops the reaction. This stuff has prevented me from going through needless suffering. Having dysentery is absolute hell. I am so happy to have the High Vibe Parasite cleanse. I would definitely get some before traveling anywhere!