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Welcome to the amazing ancient art of safely and naturally removing your very own gall and liver stones! Stone removal doesn’t have to involve a hospital, a scalpel and a scar. In fact, people have been successfully and safely passing stones for thousands of years with only a little help from Mother Nature! Here you are being given a chance to partake in your own healing and learn a little more about the mysterious body that holds your soul.

Who has gall stones? You ask. First of all, women have a higher incidence of gall stones due to a number of factors, including: hormone therapy, birth control pills, pregnancy and childbirth. High stress, obesity, and rapid weight loss also contribute. In addition, anyone who consumes cooked foods, fried foods, starches, cooked oils, meats, or alcohol is susceptible. Does this sound like anything you’ve ever done or are doing? Let’s look at some common questions about gall stones and flushes:

Q: I feel sort of fine and I’ve been a vegetarian for years – will I have stones?
A: The odds are yes. Quite a few vegetarians are actually carbotarians! Carbohydrates are one of the building blocks of stones in the body.

Q: I have been on raw foods for a while – will I have stones?
A: You’ll probably have some stones, and the fast is a great alkalizing and cleansing experience.

Q: Will I live to be a hundred if I fast and do gall flushes?
A: That’s a great question, call your psychic hot line! I personally want to live every day to its fullest and be present in each moment. A healthy body will dramatically improve the quality of life today.

The liver is an amazing organ – it is responsible, among other things, for cleaning the blood of toxins, producing bile, and for the regulation of certain hormones. What we eat directly affects the liver’s ability to function. Cleansing the liver and gall bladder of stones and saturated bile is one of the most efficient ways to restore a healthy body. In addition to the flush outlined here, we have also suggested some diet modifications. When the liver is healthy, our blood is highly oxygenated and we can experience optimum vitality.


So what causes gall and liver stones? The modern diet is rich in insoluble fats, high in animal fats, high in refined carbohydrates (sugar), and low in dietary fiber. All of this clogs the liver, leading to low bile flow. Normally the bile in the liver and gall bladder would easily break down the fats and cholesterol, but when the bile becomes supersaturated and becomes insoluble, the body is unable to process these fats. They begin to solidify, sometimes becoming encased in calcium and minerals, which creates the hard stones.

Many other factors contribute to the formation of stones, such as deficiencies in food-grown vitamin C and E (available in raw fruits and vegetables). For this reason, we recommend a diet high in raw foods which, in addition to other amazing benefits, also helps to maintain bile flow in the liver. Additionally, lecithin added to the diet will help break down bad cholesterol.

After the liver and gall bladder are flushed of stones and we are (hopefully) following a better diet, the natural balance of the liver and gall bladder can be restored.

In this article you will learn a simple, easy and efficient method of removing these bile-restoring energy-suckers from your body. The liver will begin to function more effectively, boosting your immune system so healing can begin. Digestion improves, eyesight usually gets better, and energy levels increase. Our general health and well being will improve, and we can reach new levels of awareness!

Sounds good! So you ask, What can I do to get started? Well, you have already started by reading this and asking questions on how you can help yourself. What will you need? A willing attitude! A desire to feel better! And a few supplements! Read through the recipes and supplies and review the process.

If you have questions or concerns, be sure to ask someone knowledgeable. You can always call us toll free at High Vibe: (888) 554-6645.


Growing up near vast apple orchards, we did a basic flush as teenagers which consisted of drinking two to three gallons of fresh apple cider for three days, then drinking a cup of olive oil and a cup of lemon juice. The gall and liver flush program outlined in this booklet is based on the same simple, natural, and highly effective combination of fresh cider, lemon and olive oil. Here we have added a few supplements and practices that will help facilitate the process and increase the effectiveness of the flush. We’ve outlined two fast programs here – 4 or 14 days. A more basic cider/lemon/olive oil flush is great as a tune up after you’ve completed many successful advanced flushes.

To rid the body of the stones, we spend four days fasting on fresh apple cider, fresh electrolyte lemonade and fresh citrus juices. We drink herbal teas and enjoy as much of the juices as our hearts desire. If you have a specific problem with fruit sugars, you can fast on green drinks and supplement Malic acid (the active ingredient in apple cider). Ortho-phosphoric acid (Ultra Phos), apple cider, and malic acid all help to soften and dissolve the hard calcium casing. Castor packs help to unbind and loosen the stones from the walls of the liver and gallbladder and loosen the gall duct, helping the stones to pass easily. Throughout the flush, we keep the bowels open and moving using Oxy Mag or Oxy Oxc and an herbal laxative (Refer to the What You’ll Need and Recipes sections for full explanations of these items.) Fasting helps the body to shift gears and just focus on the detox that is occurring.

We invoke The Flush on the fourth afternoon by sipping olive oil and lemon juice and doing an internal bath (enema). The olive oil and lemon help to push the stones through by contracting the liver and gall bladder. The coffee stimulates the body’s ability to promote bile flow and helps dilate the gall duct.

The stones usually pass easily in our stool the next day! You may see actual stones or a green slimy floating mass. The stones can be bright green, white, putty colored, black, or brown and they are quite remarkable. Most people release stones during the first flush, for others it may take longer. And when you do release stones, there’s usually more to come! Many people choose to repeat the cleansing fast several times a year.

Be gentle while living your life and while doing the fast. You will be able to follow your normal day-to-day routine – work, play and have fun!

The cleansing fast is a great jump start to our well being and one of the many tools we have to heal and help our selves. After you’ve completed the flush, try to integrate some of these foods and practices into your daily life:


  • Continue to drink the teas, juices and live foods that were used in the flush. Definitely experiment and have fun with your food! For variety, try one of the great recipe books in Suggested Reading.Add fiber to your diet. Fiber is nature’s broom and keeps the intestinal tract clear. The blended foods have lots of fiber, as do pears, raw vegetables, seeds and nuts (but NOT PEANUTS, which are not nuts but gluey legumes which carry lots of molds). Also, add ground flax meal to your fresh juices: it adds fiber, some essential fatty acids, and slows the glucotic rate so the fruit sugars are metabolized more evenly over time.

    Reduce or cut out flesh foods. Most meat is full of hormones, steroids and chemicals, which challenge the liver and upset your body’s hormonal balance. The insoluble fats inhibit the liver’s bile production and create more stones. Meat itself is processed very slowly in the intestine, and the clogging inhibits the body’s ability to absorb nutrients through the intestinal walls and colon. If you eat meat, eat only organic meat. If you eat raw meat, keep in mind the risk of parasites. A parasite flush is a good idea for everyone. High Vibe has pre-blended a parasite flush tea – call us for information.

    Remove unorganic, filtered and cooked oils from your diet and replace with the good cold-pressed oils (olive and flax), avocados, seeds, raw coconut butter, and lecithin.

    Try fasting on juices one day a week. We know that the longest-lived people eat much less than we are accustomed to. Learn more about fasting and its relation to longevity in Pure & Simple Natural Weight Control by Norman Walker and Rational Fasting by Arnold Ehret.

  • Do basic flush as a tune up every so often. You’ll need gallons of fresh, unpasteurized apple cider, fresh lemon juice/electrolyte lemonade, and cold-pressed virgin olive oil. Drink as much cider and lemonade as your heart desires for 1 to 3 days and, before bed, drink 1 to 2 oz of olive oil.RECIPESElectrolyte Lemonade

    MIX IN BLENDER, with distilled water:
    – 2 to 4 peeled, whole lemons
    – 1-3 Tbs. Flax oil or any really good cold-pressed oil
    – a pinch of celtic salt
    – a pear or any fruit in season
    – Add stevia, maple syrup or raw honey if you like

    The mixture should be smooth and delicious!

    Green Drinks Try this excellent, basic green drink:

    – 1 stalk celery
    – a handful of kale or any green leafy vegetable
    – 1 apple
    – 1 peeled lemon
    – 1/2 cucumber
    – a handful of parsley
    – 2 tbs olive oil
    – a little Bragg’s liquid aminos or miso paste to taste

    Add water, apple cider or fresh green coconut juice. Experiment!

    Life Soup

    MIX in a High Powered Blender:
    – Handful of parsley
    – 2 to 4 green leafy vegetables (kale, romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, etc.)

    MIX in a High Powered Blender:
    – Add 1/2 to 1 cucumber, depending on size
    – 1 apple
    – 1 lemon
    – 1 celery stalk
    – and water to make it liquid

    Mix to your taste. For great flavorings try, Bragg’s liquid, raw unpasteurized miso paste, cayenne pepper, any hot sauce, or garlic- just be creative and, most importantly, make it taste delicious to you!

    Cinnamon-Apple Prune Juice

    – 10 prunes (pitted and soaked)
    – 1 apple
    – cinnamon to taste
    – 2 cups water or fresh green coconut juice

    Great when enjoyed 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.


    Cleavers: Enjoyed 3-4 times a day during flush helps break down the stones.
    Dandelion root: Helps to stimulate bile flow.ï A great liver tonic.

    SUGGESTED READINGThe High Vibe Approach to Gall & Liver Flush booklet is designed to be an introduction and general overview of the topic. Of course, education is our best ally in health. Here are some books to get you started:

  • LifeFood Recipe Book by Annie & David Jubb. Great recipes, secret teachings, and lots of cleansing information. (The High Vibe Gall & Liver Flush is based on a program outlined in the Life Food Recipe Book.)

  • The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe. A comprehensive approach to raw nutrition, taught in 36 simple lessons including breathing, wild food, the mystery of sexy and avacados. This book is friendly and personal, and has been highly acclaimed by the raw food community.

  • The Raw Truth by Jeremy Safron and Renee Underkoffler. Tools, techniques, and delicious recipes for raw eating.

  • Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward Howell. Fascinating and easy to read, this is one of the most comprehensive books on the subject.
  • Colon Health by Dr. Norman Walker. Compact, highly informative. Discusses each organ and how it is affected by the condition of the colon. All of Dr. Walker’s books are easy to read and highly useful.

  • Eco Eating by Sapoty Brook. Introduces a highly acclaimed system of balancing minerals for optimum health (the CaPNaK chart). Lots of nutritional info helps you tune into mind-body needs. Practical, succinct.
  • Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens. A comprehensive look at ayurvedic health and nutrition. Encompasses spiritual, scientific, intuitive, and metaphysical aspects of nutrition.
  • The Hippocrates Diet by Ann Wigmore. A practical handbook that discusses cleansing, disease prevention, life extension and aging. Lots of recipes and tips. Ann Wigmore’s approach has been taught since 1963 at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.To order books by phone, call (888) 554-6645The cleansing fast outlined herein is compiled by R.A. Dagger from various sources, including:
    • The Life Food Recipe Book by Annie & David Jubb
    • Colon Health by Dr. Walker, and from years of personal experience coaching thousands of people through the cleansing process.

    All products and supplies may be obtained from your local health food distributor or from High Vibe.