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The liver and gallbladder flush is an important detoxifying agent which will help restore the normal functional capacity of these organs. It is not recommended for patients under 25 years of age or patients with known large stones. Listed below are the steps that should be followed for a 5-day fast:

DAYS 1-4 and until Noon on the 5th DAY:

Drink as much fresh organic, unpasteurized apple cider or fresh apple juice as your appetite will permit in addition to regular meals and any supplements that may have been prescribed.

FIFTH DAY (The Flush)

  1. At noon on last day, you should eat a normal lunch.
  2. Three hours later take two teaspoons of disodium phosphate dissolved in about 1 ounce of hot water. The taste may be objectional and may be followed by a little citrus juice (freshly squeezed, if possible).
  3. Two hours later, repeat step 2.
  4. You may have grapefruit juice, grapefruit or other citrus fruits or juices for your evening meal.
  5. At bedtime, you may have one of the following: 1 cup unrefined (organic, cold-pressed) olive oil, followed by a small glass of grapefruit juice; or 1 cup of warm, unrefined (organic, cold-pressed) olive oil blended with 1/2 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice
  6. Following step 6, you should go immediately to bed and lie on your right side with your right knee pulled up close to your chest for 30 minutes.
  7. The next morning, one hour before breakfast, take two teaspoons of disodium phosphate dissolved in two ounces of hot water.
  8. Be sure to continue with your normal diet and any nutritional program that has been prescribed for you.

ALTERNATE 3-DAY FAST PROGRAM: Follow the directions for the 5-day fast, but don’t take normal meals. Instead, fast on fresh apple cider and fresh lemon juice and water (try the recipe for fresh electrolyte lemonade!). Also enjoy dandelion leaf tea (liver tonic, promotes bile flow), cleavers tea (helps break down stones) and peppermint or ginger tea (both promote digestion).

What to Expect: Some patients have occasionally reported slight to moderate nausea when taking the olive oil/citrus juice; this nausea will slowly disappear by the time you go to sleep. If the olive oil induces vomiting, you need not repeat the procedure at this time. This occurs only in very rare instances. A cup of strong peppermint tea will help relieve the nausea. This flushing of the liver and gall bladder stimulates and cleanses these organs as no other method. Patients who have chronically suffered from gallstones, bumptiousness, backaches, nausea, etc. occasionally find small gallstone-type objects in the stool the following day. These objects are light green to dark green in color. They are very irregular in shape, gelatinous in texture, and vary in size from grape seeds to cherry seeds. If there seems to be a large number of these objects in the stool, the liver flush should be repeated in two weeks.

Additional Practices That May Enhance the Effectiveness of the Flush:

Castor Packs: Do for 1 hour each night before bed.

– A bottle of castor oil
– A piece of wool flannel
– Saran Wrap or a towel
– A hot water bottle

Soak the wool flannel in castor oil and wring. Warm it in the oven for a few minutes if you can. Place the warm wool flannel over the liver and gall bladder (just below right rib cage), place the hot water bottle over that, and wrap the whole bundle in Saran wrap or a towel. If the bottle is too hot against your skin, place a thin towel around it. Lie on your right side and relax. This is a good time to do some visualization and massage.

Massage and Visualization: Massage the liver and gall bladder in a circular motion during the castor packs and on the last day during the flush. Try to visualize the stones dislodging from the liver and gall bladder and being flushed from the system easily.

Supplements: You may want to augment the simple flush program with some or all of the following supplements:

Liver and Gallbladder Flush Kit: It is highly recommended that you order the full kit
which comes with everything that you need to complete a safe and effective
cleanse, including a full booklet of instructions and tips.

Malic acid: This is the natural ingredient in fresh cider, helps to break down the stones. You may supplement additional malic acid, 1 tablet 3 times a day.

Ortho-phosphoric acid
: 20 drops 3 times a day during fast days (brand name Ultra-Phos).

Oxy C: 4 caps 3 times a day during fast days. Keeps the bowels open.

Vegetable enzymes: 1 tab 3 times a day during fast. We recommend OmniZimes, high in lipase, these help break down fats.

Coffee Enema: Do a coffee enema on the last night before you begin the flush. Soak 1 cup of organic ground coffee in a gallon of distilled water for 1 day, strain out grounds and use the coffee water for in internal bath. Coffee stimulates the liver’s bile flow and helps dilate the gall duct.

Yummy Electrolyte Lemonade:

1- Blend together
1- 1 whole lemon, peeled
1- pinch of Celtic Salt
1- quart of distilled water
1- ½ an organic pear
1- stevia or honey (optional)
1- 1-3 Tbsp of flax oil